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Lennox products. Innovation never felt so good.

Tom's offers a full range of Residential and Commercial HVAC products.

Whether you’re searching for heating or cooling equipment, Tom’s offers any HVAC products your home or business may require. The cutting-edge innovation behind our Daikin and Lennox products gives you rugged flexibility, and they are energy efficient, as well. So whatever your cooling and heating needs may be, you can have high-quality air comfort in your home regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Simply click on each category to view our extensive lines of Daikin and Lennox products, and let us help you discover the ideal comfort solutions for your home. So no matter if you’re in search of a single component or an entire system, we have what you need.

Multi Zone (Ductless)

Quite often, homeowners disagree on what room temperature is comfortable. You may also have some rooms in your lake home that are unused for quite a while. But you can now control temps and save energy in as many as eight separate zones, all independently of each other, and with just one outdoor unit. Offering a variety of mounting choices, Daikin Multi-Zone Systems allow various indoor unit styles to satisfy all your home’s air comfort needs.

Cool or heat several different spaces independently with a single outdoor unit

  • Amazing flexibility of installation with a wide selection of styles
  • Choices in outdoor units which can connect as many as 8 indoor units
  • Individual control over each indoor unit
  • The sturdy outdoor unit is easy to mount on a roof or terrace, or it can simply attach to an outside wall.
  • Differing styles of indoor units can be combined in various configurations

Indoor Units

Get the ultimate in personalization from Daikin’s indoor units. They provide individual-room control, plus multiple unit options. You can get a floor or a ceiling unit, or something in-between. Each of these inside units will connect easily with a single outdoor unit.

Outdoor Units

All of our multi-split Daikin systems have a solitary, small HVAC unit for the outdoors. Multiple-port outdoor units bridge with individual interchangeable indoor units. This gives homeowners the possibility for real personalized air comfort.

Presenting the Daikin EMURA Multi-Zone Indoor Unit

The perfect balance of leading technology and the aesthetic beauty of aerodynamics comes together in the Daikin Emura™.  Smart technology is emerging everywhere, and home air conditioning is no exception. The sleek contours of Daikin Emura™ air conditioners are designed to gratify a definitely artistic style that designers will love. Providing a decidedly sophisticated product for modern interiors, the Daikin Emura™ weaves form and function together into an icon of modernistic comfort control. The units are available in either silver or matte white.  Emura makes a contemporary design statement for any room. Plus, inside the stylish exterior resides the smart technology system which may be accessed and controlled from the Daikin Comfort Control App, even if you are away from home.

Daikin Comfort Control App 
From home…or anywhere else in the world.
Daikin’s new Comfort Control App puts you in complete control. You can access your Daikin system from your smart-phone or tablet.

Daikin Inverter Technology
Don’t Compromise on Comfort
Daikin’s inverter technology helps eliminate the usual, and unpleasant, temperature variances that are common with non-inverter HVAC systems.

Lennox Products

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