Don’t Sweat It: Professional AC Maintenance Can Save You Money

It’s time to ensure your air conditioner is ready to keep you always comfortable! Regular air conditioner maintenance is necessary to operate efficiently, keeping you and your loved ones comfortable throughout the hot season. In addition to our as-needed AC service calls, Tom’s also offers a heating and AC maintenance program. You can learn more about it here.

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

AC Maintenance Prevents Emergency Breakdowns

Regular air conditioner maintenance services provided by Tom’s Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC will save you the headache of dealing with emergency-causing breakdowns on a sweltering hot day. During routine checks, we will examine and repair damaged AC components on your air conditioning unit, preventing small problems from escalating to bigger ones.

Regular AC Maintenance Offers Improved Air Quality

Without routine maintenance, your unit can accumulate dust, bacteria, and other contaminants, negatively affecting the indoor air quality in your home or office. Not to mention, poorly maintained air conditioning can lead to high humidity levels and mold growth. You can improve indoor air quality by having Tom’s Air Conditioning & Heating consistently conduct air conditioner maintenance services.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Home

When selling a home, maximizing the resale value is a top priority for most homeowners. One simple way to do so is by regularly maintaining your air conditioning system. 

Potential homebuyers will appreciate that the HVAC system has been taken care of, making your property stand out in a competitive market. Buyers want a move-in ready home, and a well-maintained air conditioner running at high efficiency can be a strong selling point.

So, if you’re looking to increase the resale value of your home, don’t underestimate the power of a well-maintained air conditioner.

Experience Unparalleled Air Conditioner Care with Tom's Extensive AC Maintenance Checklist

Change Filter

The air filter captures dirt, dust, and other pollutants that accumulate in your air conditioning system. Over time, the filter becomes clogged, making your unit work harder and leading to decreased efficiency. Changing the filter regularly ensures clean air circulation and prolongs the life of your system. Our maintenance checklist includes a filter change, keeping your unit running at peak performance.

Check Refrigerant Pressures and Charges

Refrigerant is responsible for cooling your home and is vital in keeping your air conditioning unit running efficiently. Our maintenance checklist includes refrigerant pressure and charge checks, helping us detect leaks or low levels. We can also recharge your system safely, ensuring peak performance and maximum efficiency.

Ensure the Condensate Drain is Clear

Your air conditioning unit has a condensate drain, which removes moisture from the system. Over time, this drain can become clogged, leading to water damage and mold growth. Our maintenance checklist includes a thorough inspection of the condensate drain, ensuring it is clear of debris and working correctly.

Blower Motor Inspection

The blower motor is responsible for circulating cool air throughout your home. Over time, the motor can wear out or become dirty, leading to decreased efficiency and increased energy bills.

Our maintenance checklist includes careful inspection of your blower motor, ensuring it is clean and working correctly. Or we can also replace the motor if necessary.

Why Choose Tom's Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC?

If you are looking for reliable air conditioning maintenance services in Camdenton, MO, then Tom’s Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC is your go-to service provider. With decades of experience and a team of certified technicians, we provide professional AC maintenance and repair services to residents in and around Camdenton. We’ve been cooling and air conditioning Lake of the Ozarks homes with excellence and integrity since 2010!

(Learn about AC replacement here.)

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